Swiss films is the home of London based director Tim Biddiscombe.

His completed projects include :


World rights for this film have now been sold. For all distribution inquiries, please contact Media Luna Entertainment at

Also in development under the company banner are :

Jack Days - The life of British Prime Minister Tristan Walker is thrown into chaos and despair when his daughter is murdered by a Jack the Ripper copycat killer. Dismayed by the police's failure to catch the killer, he decides to take matters into his own hands.. Directed by Tim Biddiscombe.

Umbrage - A stylish modern horror incorporating western elements into a contemporary setting. A small dysfunctional family find that the vampire hiding out in their hayloft is the least of their problems when they are all stalked by an ancient evil. Directed by Drew Cullingham.

Die Spy - A futuristic action/espionage thriller, signed to a co-production deal with Loud Mouse Productions.

To contact Tim directly, email him on